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Speed FitnessFirm body, flat abdomen, beautiful posture, strength and vitality, well-shaped muscles. Speedfitness body shaping in Győr!


What was possible only after many years of hard training before can now be achieved with Speedfitness Multitrainer in a short period of time. A few weeks of training (2x20 minutes per week) are already enough to achieve visible and spectacular results in body shaping and muscle building.

Speed FitnessThe latest generation of EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) devices, Speedfitness creates muscle contractions with alternating current of low intensity. This is not only safe, but also very effective, because it makes 90 percent of the musculature work. During the short training you can only feel pure muscular work without straining tendons and joints. The training that is similar to a pleasant muscular work is so effective as if you would spend 1.5-2 hours with hard training in the gym! Two training sessions weekly are already enough, allowing your muscles time to relax.

Speed FitnessSpeedfitness provides trainings that are not only effective but also enjoyable! Sounds like a bold statement? Try it for yourself!




Arguments for Speedfitness

  • effective muscle building
  • protects tendons and joints
  • extremely short training
  • fat burning, fat tissue reduction
  • reduction of cellulite
  • improves well-being
  • balances muscular deficiencies
  • treats hip pains
  • improves performance of athletes
  • safe use

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