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The newest, worldwide unique facial and body shaping device in Győr.


Have you been looking for a long time now for a sufficient method to achieve the dream body and the perfect skin? We get your body in shape. Body contour loss up to 6-7 centimetres in one month! Magicform body shaping and slimming in record time with the latest the technology!

We have opened our body shaping studio in the centre of Győr with the aim of creating an extensive centre where the unity of inner and outer beauty, as well as the harmony of the body and the soul can be realised in one place.

On the first session we welcome you with a free health assessment. With the help of our experts we provide you with an individual training program - see list below - that is appropriate for your body build, available time and money, as well as your body shaping goals.

After a personal consultation you can use our body shaping treatments depending on your state of health. The treatment is painless. With repeated use the treatment provides you with a long-term weight loss that you can measure in kilograms and centimetres.

+ VelaPro Ultrasonic Fat Reduction Treatment:

  • body shaping
  • volume reduction
  • cellulite reduction
  • skin firming
  • wrinkle removal
  • facial rejuvenation
  • massage
  • treatment of the eye area
  • to satisfy all your needs...

The VelaPro System has 4 treatment probes (two for the body, one for the face and one for the eye area). This device makes it possible for experts to fascinate the clients with the state of the art technology presently available and with its efficiency.

Bipolar radio frequency, soft laser therapy, motorised vacuum rollers and manual massage therapy are integrated in each treatment probes. The 10 inch touch screen helps in choosing the appropriate treatment program. The parameters of the two large body treatment probes can be adjusted separately. The principle of operation is very simple and logical: the vacuum rollers clamp in the surface to be treated and treat it with negative pressure. Meanwhile the infrared LED system heals the skin (striae, telangiectasia etc.), and the bipolar radio frequency defats and firms exclusively the skin layer clamped in.

This synergistic combination helps the radio frequency to reach 5-15 mm deep into the skin, melt fat effectively, improve lymphatic circulation and metabolism, and with the help of these to achieve the desired body contour. Furthermore it gives in all cases the background for the 100 percent safe treatment of the eye area. Everything in a single device: body sculpting, fat removal, lymphatic drainage, skin firming and wrinkle removal!

+ Ultratone Futura Pro Face and Body Shaping Treatment:

The latest and worldwide unique Futura Pro face and body shaping device takes into account the client’s sex, age, weight, body build and the problematic zones of his body, as well as the desired results.

The device sets the signal series and programs automatically to provide concentrated and long-term results. Based on the data provided by the client the Futura Pro displays the Body Mass Index (BMI) automatically and creates an individualized treatment plan. It also displays the number and the weekly frequency of necessary treatments. Our system continually monitors the treatment process of the client. It assesses the results achieved and adjusts the treatment settings automatically to provide the best results possible.

The most important treatment options:

  • slimming & body shaping,
  • fat & size reduction,
  • detoxification & cellulite treatment,
  • tone improvement & muscle building
  • facial rejuvenation & wrinkle removal
  • sport and training,
  • therapy and rehabilitation.

The process of the treatment

After the body electrodes are attached, we set the sufficient intensity on the computer. Then the treatment can begin. During the treatment you can keep track of the currently used signals on the LCD display. After the treatment we remove the electrodes from the face and the body, and then we take the necessary measurements and record the results again in the database of the Futura Pro Biocomputer. To achieve the desired results, the biocomputer continuously calculates based on the data, and adjusts the settings according to these for the next treatment.

This treatment is recommended for those who want to improve their shape and facial skin tone effectively and in a short period of time. It is highly recommended for those who - because of some kind of injuries or illnesses - cannot do exercise that requires a good physical condition.

+ Body wrapping with bandage and peeling massage:

Is your connective tissue loose or you just do not feel comfortable in your body? Four times more efficient slimming, this time with another method! The unique and efficient aromatherapy method with bandage was awarded with the International Prize of Inventors. What can you achieve with our aromatherapy-bandage-method? The targeted composition of active ingredients and the process of the treatment provide you all those important effects (unlike other known slimming treatments) that lead to the optimal result.

The method is based on the hot-cold effect. The essential oils in the active ingredients (such as eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol and rosemary) have a strong hyperemic effect that cause intensive blood flow and blood supply in the upper layers of the connective tissue. As a result you can feel a kind of inner cold in the deeper layers of the body. One of the basic functions of the body is to maintain the inner heat balance that is necessary for the proper function of the body and the organs. However, because of the inner cold the body has to break down and burn the accumulated excess nutrients to be able to maintain the heat balance with the energy coming from this process. The pre and post treatment materials of the technology ensure a more beautiful and firmer skin.

+ Wave massage:

Unfortunately, a lot of women these days have problems with their shape and skin. This is mainly due to lack of exercise and insufficient diet, as well as overeating. Due to often one-sided activities and long hours of standing or sitting the legs swell up and the body loses its shape. This can decrease the well-being and threaten health.

As a negative effect, organic diseases, varicose veins, edema and cellulite can occur, which are primarily caused by the inadequate lymphatic circulation. However, a new method has been developed recently that performs massage with the help of the modern, computer-based technology. This is the wave massage or the computer-based lymphatic massage.

You can experience already after the first (approx. 20-minute) treatment the pleasant surprise that your legs are lighter; you feel relief and feel as if your shoes would be a size bigger. As a result of the treatments the contour of the thighs, the buttocks and the hip reduces, your skin becomes beautiful, cellulite is reduced and the lymphatic circulation will be ideal.

+ Aromatherapy Massage for Weight Loss:

This treatment includes a body peeling massage, a massage enhancing sweating, a 40-minute deep heat therapy and a skin regenerating body massage. It is 120 minutes long, 2 masseurs work simultaneously.

+ Weight Loss with Deep Heat Therapy:

This treatment stimulates the blood supply to the tissues, speeds up the metabolism, increases calorie consumption and starts fat burning. It also helps in the fight against cellulite. Depending on your body build you can lose 3 to 10 kilograms.


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Our studio is easily accessible in the centre of Győr Tihanyi Árpád utca 31/C. Of course, you can also contact us by telephone if you dial +36 30 296 3652. You can contact us online by e-mailing


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