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Almost every woman has to face sooner or later the problem of cellulite and excess weight on different body parts. This can be further strengthened by the hectic and stressful lifestyle and the lack of daily exercise. You do not have to be overweight to have cellulite on the thighs, the buttocks, the abdomen or the arms. Cellulite can also occur on the body of thinner people, not just of those who are overweight.

We offer in our body shaping studio the most effective non-surgical body shaping treatments with the help of Ultratone Futura Pro face and body shaping device and the VelaPro ultrasonic fat reduction device.

Besides these two high technologies we use additional methods to improve the effectiveness of the treatments, such as body wrapping, vacuum massage or wave massage.

The treatment is completely painless and safe.
The method is effective, fast and permanent. The result is significant and spectacular slimming, the skin becomes as smooth and even as never before.

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Our studio is easily accessible in the centre of Győr Tihanyi Árpád utca 31/C. Of course, you can also contact us by telephone if you dial +36 30 296 3652. You can contact us online by e-mailing


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